Shipping fish with sustainable packaging

With the increasing growth of online retailing, food delivery in particular has grown and gained in importance. The trend to order food online from the comfort of one's home and have it delivered to one's home is steadily increasing. Thus, the interest in ordering sensitive food, such as fresh fish, online is also increasing. To ensure that this can be ordered without hesitation and that the cold chain is maintained, certain requirements apply to the selected insulated packaging.

Conventional packaging for shipping fish, such as thermal boxes made of Styrofoam, has little or no recyclability due to its nature. With the increasing shipment of refrigerated goods, the amount of packaging waste in private households is also rising accordingly. A sustainable packaging solution for online fish shipping is not only necessary from an ecological point of view. It is also in the interest of the consumer.

Fish consumption: sustainability more important than price

Global consumption of fish has risen continuously in recent years. It is currently higher than ever (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Fisheries Report 2022). In 2022, global consumption reached a peak of about 164.2 million tons of fish. According to the report, the annual consumption per person is about 20.6 kilograms of fish and fish products. Apart from this record value, however, thinking among consumers has also changed at the same time.

When consuming fish, more and more Germans are making sure that it comes from sustainable fisheries and, at best, is MSC-certified. One reason for this change is the growing concern about the effects of climate change on the oceans. Around three quarters of German fish eaters consider sustainable fishing to be an important prerequisite for protecting the oceans (GlobeScan consumer survey 2016).

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Surveys also show that sustainability and environmental friendliness have become key decision-making factors when buying fish. Consequently, they are considered as relevant as freshness and taste. Moreover, the sustainability of fish products is now of greater relevance than price. Three out of four fish eaters, for example, would be willing to pay more for certified sustainable fish. The increasing importance of sustainability in the consumption of fish has also led to a rise in the reputation of environmental seals or so-called organic labels. As a result, around four out of five consumers specifically buy fish with an eco-label.

One seal that enjoys a high reputation in Germany is the mark of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Fish products bearing the blue MSC seal come from sustainable, environmentally friendly fisheries. Consumers are increasingly using these seals as a guide when buying fish products so that their purchases can help protect the oceans.

Fish as a non-everyday delicacy

To support the conscious consumption of fish, the environmental protection organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has published a shopping guide. This is intended as a decision-making aid for the purchase of fish and seafood. It is generally recommended that fish be enjoyed as a non-everyday delicacy. Consumers are also encouraged to look for organic and environmental labels. This applies both when shopping at the local supermarket and when ordering fish and seafood online.

Environmentally friendly insulated packaging for online fish shipping

The growing need for sustainability in the consumption of fish products should be equally considered when shipping refrigerated goods. Environmentally friendly packaging that has excellent insulating performance while being biodegradable addresses this trend. High-quality packaging also reinforces the growing understanding of fish as a non-everyday delicacy. In this way, it contributes to an all-round enjoyment experience. In this way, fish shipping can play an active role in the development towards sustainable fish consumption. With our sustainable packaging, the fish reaches your plate fresh from the sea. So you can enjoy it with a clear conscience.


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Shipping fish with sustainable packaging