Dry ice bags

Unsere umweltfreundlichen Trockeneistaschen eignen sich optimal für den tiefgekühlten Versand von Lebensmitteln.
Our environmentally friendly paper dry ice bags enable safe frozen shipping

Ship safely using dry ice

Or directly order your individual sample package here to test our
recyclable dry ice bags individually or with the matching
insulating packaging according to your needs.

In combination with dry ice, our thermo boxes become frozen shipping packaging. Dry ice is a white, light and odorless solid. Dry ice consists of solid carbon dioxide (CO2) which does not liquefy but passes directly into the gas phase. Compared to conventional water ice, this means that dry ice leaves no residue, such as puddles of water or stains. Dry ice is suitable for shipping frozen goods, as it cools down to -80°C. However, its use initially appears to be complex and expensive. For this reason, we offer you an effective solution.

Dry ice bags - save more than 50% dry ice in shipping.

  • Self adhesive paper envelopes for filling dry ice pellets
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly 
  • Disposal in paper garbage can 
  • Optimized cold output - save up to 50% dry ice 
  • Reduced condensation 
  • Easier handling for your customers and reduction of the risk of burns due to dry ice
  • Available in different sizes
Unsere Gelpacks sind optimal geeignet für den gekühlten Versand
Our high performing GelPacks are great for shipping fresh & refrigerated foods.

GelPacks for refrigerated shipping

For shipping fresh or chilled goods, we have classic cold packs in our portfolio. 

Interesting Facts FROZEN SHIPPING

Please feel free to ask us for useful tips on handling and shipping dry ice, as well as the quantity recommendation according to your requirements.

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