Custom solutions

[Illustration der gesamten Box schattiert]

Customized insulated shipping box

If none of our standard solutions fit your shipping requirements, we offer you the option of producing the size you require. As a modular solution consisting of two fleeces and the matching outer box.

The JuteBag can also be customised. 

Adaptation to existing outer carton

Do you still have carton in stock or would you prefer to purchase the carton yourself? We will gladly adapt our Jute Inlays to an existing outer carton and thus exclusively supply you with the matching insulation for your carton.

[Illustration der Inlays der Box schattiert]

Customized print

We will be happy to apply your desired print image to the outer carton or fleece as an option. 

[Illustration eines Druckbildes auf A. Karton und B. Vlies]

Get in touch

Whether you're new to refrigerated shipping in e-commerce or you've been a shipper since day one but want to optimize your process:  Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. Get in touch now:

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