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Alexandra von kompackt

Alexandra Kletzsch


I am Alexandra, founder and CEO of KOMPACKT. In 2018, I founded the company with the goal of creating honest sustainability in the packaging industry. Online mail order is booming and as a result, packaging waste is also steadily increasing. With KOMPACKT, we have been making a contribution to reducing this for four years now by creating a product that is biodegradable and climate-neutral.

About us

With the growing attractiveness of online trade, the problem of increasing packaging waste is growing. This cannot always be recycled and pollutes the environment from production to disposal. One growing area is the shipping of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs. For a long time, polystyrene was considered the only reliable packaging material for shipping such products. However, the synthetic material is not only based on mineral oil but also hardly recyclable.

Alexandra, founder of KOMPACKT, found herself and her environment facing exactly this dilemma: Increasing flexibility and convenience in e-commerce, while the issue of sustainability is more present than ever. Is it justifiable to order groceries online when the supermarket is only a 5-minute walk away? For Alexandra, it was clear: if the online industry is to grow in the long term, it has to be done right from the start. This also includes choosing the right shipping packaging. With the mission to offer innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for a shared future, Alexandra founded kompackt61 GmbH in 2018.  

We create packaging standards that combine the demand for performance, efficiency and quality, as well as resource conservation and environmental awareness.

When the first prototype was ready, we registered for one of the most important German packaging trade fairs. This allowed us to measure our theoretical findings against market needs at an early stage. Today, KOMPACKT has its own production site and sells the climate-neutral solutions throughout Europe, for example to shippers of animal feed, fresh meat, fish or dairy products.

Sustainability is at the core of our business model and company. With every insulated packaging sold, we can make a contribution to environmental protection.

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