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Online retailing is booming - the market, which is already in growth, increased by a further 16,5 % (Source: bevh, 2020). In 2020, German online retail generated sales of around EUR 2.7 billion with food. This means that online sales increased by around one billion euros compared to the previous year (source: bevh, 2020).

The study „Lebensmittel online – heute und 2030“ ("Food online - today and 2030") by the market research company IFH continues to forecast that the share of the food online trading of the total market will be up to 9.1% in 2030.

Online retail is a lucrative and interesting sales channel. Quite a few now also rely on the possibility of supra-regional sales in addition to the stationary business. But the shipping of sensitive goods, like Food products that require refrigeration, presents more than a few with a challenge in choosing the right packaging material. Often, mineral oil-based Styrofoam or similar synthetic Insulating packaging used to maintain the cooling chain. Functional - but difficult to recycle. So the central question remains:

How can we make mail order functional and ecological at the same time?

Kompackt61 was founded on a vision to make food shipping more sustainable. Our goal was and is to replace Styrofoam with an equally powerful natural fiber. We have succeeded in doing so! Our sustainable packaging solutions provide excellent insulating performance with complete biodegradability

Started as a project in the Nuremberg area, we are now one of the largest providers of ecological insulating packaging. We are now based in beautiful East Frisia, from where we work every day to make the packaging world more sustainable and to be a reliable partner for shippers of sensitive goods with high-quality solutions.

Inspired by nature, our packaging solutions are based on the jute fiber. Jute has excellent properties in terms of shock absorption and insulation, offering an uncompromising alternative to existing insulating packaging. The natural fiber is also naturally renewable and can be produced without the use of large amounts of energy, so environmentally friendly that since last year our products have been awarded the with the seal climate neutral .

We produce the fleeces in a unique process that allows us to operate without any other additives. Our products are therefore completely biodegradable. Sustainability is at the core of our business model and we want to help you contribute to resource conservation.

kompackt combines the requirements of consumer society with the need for environmental protection and ethical awareness. An ecological thermal packaging - whether for food shipping or pharmaceuticals.


Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V. (bevh)


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