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  • Modular solution consisting of two jute inlays and sturdy, 2-wall outer carton.
  • Core made of natural fibre wrapped in a biodegradable starch-based coating.
  • Suitable for shipping frozen products or chilled goods.
  • Moisture regulating due to natural properties - The formation of condensation is minimised.
  • Shock-absorbing, naturally.
  • Sustainable: Jute is a naturally growing raw material that binds CO2 as it grows.
  • Certified climate neutral.

Standard size:

600 x 280 x 200 mm

The reliable shipping of fresh fish is a challenge for many shippers due to the high risk of spoilage. In addition, there are hardly any custom-fit solutions with which entire sides of fish can be shipped. Our JuteBox Salmon was designed to solve this problem. The long but flat packaging is naturally insulating and shock-absorbing - your fish product is thus safely packed.


Due to its natural properties, the fibre regulates humidity. This reduces the condensation that occurs in the package.


The jute inlays can be flexibly placed in the corresponding cardboard box. This not only simplifies handling but also saves storage and delivery costs.


The inlays are very soft and thus offer good shock absorption for breakage protection for particularly sensitive goods or glass.


Our raw materials are naturally renewable and our products are certified climate neutral.

Test our products

Order an individual sample packageto test it according to your needs.

If you are looking for a customised solution, we will be happy to assist you. Our products can be adapted to your individual requirements. 


Is the solution also available without the outer carton?

  • Yes, the inlays can also be supplied without the matching carton.

Do you also offer matching coolants for the insulating packaging?

  • Yes, please have a look at our product category "GelPacks".

Is it possible to customise the insulating packaging?

  • Yes, we offer you the opportunity to create customised packaging solutions with us.

Can the boxes be tested?

  • Of course we offer you the possibility to get an impression of our solutions. Please feel free to ask for a product sample. 

How should the insulating packaging be disposed of?

  • The JuteBox can easily be disposed of in the organic waste bin, the residual waste or on the home compost. In addition, there are numerous reuse options in the home and garden.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

  • The minimum order quantity is one pallet. This is for example equivalent to 65 units of JuteBox M.

How long does the insulated box keep the goods cool?

  • Using suitable coolants, it keeps cool for at least 48h.

What does the insulating packaging weigh?

  • Please ask us for a detailed data sheet.

Can mixed shopping baskets also be delivered?

  • Yes, with the help of an intermediate layer or our JuteBag, products can also be shipped in different temperature ranges.


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