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Flexible insulated bag for small and mixed baskets

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Water-based coolants

Are you looking for environmentally friendly shipping packaging?

We have the right solution! Our sustainable packaging solutions are ideally suited for the ecological shipping of sensitive goods. Thanks to the diverse variation in size and shape of our products, there is something for every purpose. Every year, the volume of shipments increases, which inevitably leads to an increase in packaging waste. With our sustainable shipping packaging for B2B sales, you protect the environment and at the same time create new incentives for your customers to buy. 

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Fish & Seafood

With our packaging solutions, Meat can be shipped sustainably and without loss of quality and taste. In combination with our GelPacks, refrigerated shipping of meat, whether poultry, pork, beef, game or similar, is no longer a problem. With our dry ice bags, you can also reliably send high-quality meat frozen. And sausage and sausage products can also be shipped fresh at optimum temperatures. 

Create a wow effect with our Jute Box Salmon, specially designed for fish transport.With our cooling box your fish is safely packed! You want to ship fish? With our cool box your fish is safely packed! Cheese shipping is also no problem with the JuteBox or JuteBag. Cheese cheese by post and your goods are guaranteed to arrive fresh and tasty to your customers

Ice Cream

Cold pressed juices


Shipping Ice Cream has never been so easy and sustainable at the same time. With our environmentally friendly insulated packaging, shipping frozen products is worry-free. Your customers receive the ice cream delivery directly to their doorstep and can enjoy the shipped ice cream right away. Cold pressed juiceswhich also have to be stored and shipped in defined temperature ranges, can also be shipped reliably cooled with our jute packaging and corresponding coolants. In addition, we count shippers of BARF (biologically species-appropriate raw feeding) to our customers. Here, too, the prescribed cold chain must be maintained to ensure the quality and shelf life of the goods. With our packaging and coolants, we can guarantee exactly this. 

Depending on the season, our packaging solutions are also ideal for shipping high-quality chocolate, frost-sensitive plants or other sensitive foodstuffs and goods. And even impact-sensitive products and glass are optimally protected by the natural properties of jute. 

Carefree refrigerated shipping with our insulated packaging!

With our product portfolio you can send food or other goods refrigerated. The core of our sustainable packaging solution is the natural fibre jute, which is just as powerful by nature as Styrofoam. In addition, the fibre regulates moisture due to its natural properties. This reduces the condensation that occurs and makes it an excellent refrigerated packaging for food shipping. Our efficient dry ice bags even make it possible to ship frozen food. The packaging is suitable for frozen shipping down to -20°C.  If you want to send chilled parcels or even frozen goods, we are the right partner for you. Our raw materials are naturally renewable and biodegradable. In addition, our products are certified climate-neutral. 

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kompackt61 is a manufacturer of high quality and high performance sustainable insulating jute packaging as an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene.

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