• Our high-performance insulated bag based on jute fibre
  • Maintains the temperature according to your requirements in the Frozen, Cool or Ambient range 
  • Particularly suitable for small and mixed baskets of goods
  • Applicable for any outer carton size 
  • Delivered space saving
  • Compostable, starch-based cover
  • Easy disposal in organic waste, garden or residual waste
  • Numerous possible ways to reuse it in the home and garden

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- 0 °C
2- 1 °C
15- 1 °C


JuteBag XS

350 x 350 mm, packable up to 5L

JuteBag S

450 x 450 mm, packable up to 10L

Create purchase incentives with unique packaging. 


Our high-performance insulation box. 


Flexible insulated bag for small and mixed baskets

Dry ice bags

Using dry ice more efficiently


Water-based coolants


The jute fibre regulates moisture due to its natural properties. This reduces the condensation that occurs.


The one-piece solution is particularly suitable for mixed and smaller baskets of goods. No extra outer carton is needed, which makes the solution particularly flexible and cost-effective.


The jute inlays are very soft and thus offer good shock absorption for breakage protection for particularly sensitive goods or glass.


Our raw material is naturally renewable and our products are certified climate neutral. We thus offer a genuinely ecological alternative.


If you are looking for a customised solution, we will be happy to assist you. Our products can be adapted to your individual requirements. 


Is it possible to customise the insulating packaging?

  • Yes, we offer you the opportunity to create customised packaging solutions with us.

Can the bags be tested?

  • Of course we offer you the possibility to get an impression of our solutions. Please feel free to ask for a product sample. 

How should the insulating packaging be disposed of?

  • The JuteBag can easily be disposed of in the organic waste bin, the residual waste or on the home compost. In addition, there are numerous reuse options in the home and garden.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

  • The minimum order quantity is 300 units of size XS and 200 units of size S.

How long does the insulated bag keep the goods cool?

  • Using suitable coolants, it keeps cool for at least 24h.

What does the insulating packaging weigh?

  • Please ask us for a detailed data sheet.


kompackt61 is a manufacturer of high quality and high performance sustainable insulating jute packaging as an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene.

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