Ecological insulated packaging made from jute and coolants for your business.

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Unsere leistungsstarke Isolierverpackung auf Basis von Jutefaser

Jute instead of styrofoam

As a manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions, we specialized in the requirements of shippers who must maintain various temperature limits during transport to the end customer. At our production facility in northern Germany, we develop and distribute sustainable insulating packaging made of jute for the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals. As an alternative to conventional styrofoam. 

The ecological shipping box and insulated bag made of natural fiber are just as powerful as synthetic materials. Further to its good insulation it is biodegradable and climate neutral. Our portfolio is complemented by appropriate coolants. With this combination, refrigerated shipping or sending frozen goods is no challenge anymore.

Our product portfolio

Our sustainable insulated packaging was developed based on increasing market demands. It is cost-effective, functional as well as ecological and thus hits the nerve of time. We produce our solutions in a special process. This allows us to make the best possible use of the functionalities of the high-performance natural fiber jute.

The focus is on the requirements of suppliers who ship refrigerated goods. We offer our sustainable insulated packaging for food shipments in the form of both a high-performance thermal box, as well as insulated bags for smaller volumes or mixed baskets for cold chain distribution.

Known from

Hohe Bekanntheit durch Einzigartigkeit.

Keine Kompromisse

High Performance

Uncompromising performance. Our solutions have the same technical parameters as synthetic materials as styrofoam.


Sustainable insulated packaging can influence purchasing decisions. Create purchase incentives with unique thermal packaging.

Resource efficient

Jute is a natural fiber that is naturally renewable and biodegradable. Our solutions are certified climate neutral and are produced local in Northern Germany.

Cost effective

Save over 80% on dual system licensing compared to a traditional Styrofoam box.

Das richtige Kühlmittel

Depending on the category of goods shipped, it must be ensured that certain temperature limits are maintained over the shipping time to the end customer. Our range includes both gel packs for shippers in the refrigerated sector and dry ice for frozen shipping. Our aim is to provide you with a complete solution that is ideally suited to your requirements. Of course, you can also purchase all products individually.


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