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Nachhaltige Thermo Versandverpackung aus Jute

Schaffen Sie Kaufanreize mit einzigartigen & nachhaltigen Verpackungen

kompackt entwickelt und vertreibt nachhaltige Verpackungslösungen aus Jute. Für den Versand von sensiblen Waren, wie Lebensmitteln und Pharmaka. Die Versandboxen und Isoliertaschen aus Naturfaser sind dabei ebenso leistungsstark wie synthetische Materialien. Im Gegensatz dazu jedoch biologisch abbaubar und klimaneutral.

Food & Pharma

Our packaging solutions are particularly suitable for shipping food and pharmaceuticals.

Always well cooled

Maintain the temperature limits of your products, whether Ambient, Cool or Frozen, even for longer shipping durations.


A natural and biodegradable alternative to conventional synthetic insulating packaging.

Sustainable & High Performance

Packaging protects our goods from external influences. With the help of insulating packaging for shipping goods, even sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceuticals can be shipped over longer distances. The problem? As shipping volumes increase, so does packaging waste - conventional insulated packaging in particular is difficult to recycle.

The packaging from kompackt61 offers the solution: jute forms the core of our insulating packaging. The natural fibre is naturally renewable and biodegradable. At the same time, it offers the same performance as synthetic materials.


Did you know that 61 is the recycling code for jute ?

Our insulating packaging was developed on the basis of increasing market requirements. They are cost-effective, functional as well as sustainable and thus meet the needs of the time. We produce our solutions in a special process to make the best possible use of the benefits of the high-performance natural fibre.


Alle unsere Produkte sind gemäß der Anforderungen von Lebensmittelversendern entwickelt. Wir bieten Isolierverpackungen sowohl in Form einer leistungsstarken Versandbox, wie auch Isoliertaschen für kleinere Volumina oder gemischte Warenkörbe. 

Our dry ice bags are designed for demanding frozen shipping to facilitate handling and use dry ice more efficiently. For refrigerated shipping, we also offer water-based GelPacks and can thus provide you with the complete solution from a single source.


Other reasons why clients have chosen us

1 %
of Germans

say that the sustainability of the packaging influences their purchase decision. 

> 1 %

on licensing in the dual system compared to a conventional polystyrene box.

1 x

JuteBoxes fit on a Euro pallet compared to an equivalent polystyrene box.


Sustainability is at the core of our business model. At the same time, we can help you make a contribution to resource saving. Our solutions are not only renewable, but also biodegradable. With every packaging unit made of jute that replaces a conventional alternative, you actively reduce your ecological footprint.

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kompackt61 is a manufacturer of high quality and high performance sustainable insulating jute packaging as an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene.

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1 %
of Germans

say that the sustainability of the packaging influences their purchase decision.