Unsere Isoliertasche aus Jute ist die optimale Versandverpackungen für kleine und gemischte Warenkörbe.
Our high performance JuteBag is available in different sizes and can be customized according to your own wishes.


Our flexible insulated bag for thermal shipping

  • Very good insulation, even with summer temperatures and long shipping times. 
  • Best applicable for small and mixed baskets of goods 
  • Various standard solutions and customization options 
  • Flexible insulating pocket, single fleece solution 
  • Jute fiber core wrapped with compostable starch-based wrap
  • Moisture regulating and shock absorbing 
  • Easy disposal in organic waste, garden or residual waste
  • Numerous possible ways to reuse at home and in the garden
  • Regional production in Northern Germany

Or order here your individual sample package to test our sustainable insulated packaging according to your needs.

Easy handling and space-saving storage

The one-piece JuteBag is a flexible and cost-effective insulating bag that can be applied to any outer carton in your inventory. It serves as a small thermal package to ship goods refrigerated. The bag is ready to use and is ideal for shipping smaller baskets of goods or mixed shipments, such as deli or cooking boxes, where only a part of the goods needs to be refrigerated or frozen.

Thus, in the course of delivery, the pallet dimensions are optimally utilized. For comparison: 200 JuteBags size S fit on a Euro pallet to 20 Styrofoam boxes.

Dies wirkt sich auch auf die Lagerung der Lösung aus. Die Lagerkosten der JuteBags liegen im Durchschnitt bei 0,06€, während die einer durchschnittlichen Styroporbox bei 0,67€ liegen.


200 JuteBags size S fit on one europallet
25 comparable sized styrofoam boxes fit on one europallet
The storage cost per JuteBag S are on average 0,06€
The storage cost of a comparable Stryoporbox are on average 0,67€

Various standard solutions and customization options

Egal, ob Sie derzeit noch in der Planung Ihres Versandvorhabens sind oder bereits langjährige e-Commerce Erfahrung haben – wir haben verschiedene Standardmaße unserer nachhaltigen Isoliertasche im Portfolio die stets innerhalb von 3 – 5 Werktagen lieferbar sind. 

The JuteBag is available in 10mm and 20mm thickness, whose application varies depending on the product, shipping time and outside temperature.


JuteBag XS

JuteBag S

All our solutions are also available including a matching outer box. In addition, we offer numerous customization options, for example in terms of size or printing.

Unsere leistungsstarke Isolierverpackung auf Basis von Jutefaser
The JuteBox is ideal for shipping food.

The volumes shown are too small for your shipping project?

or do you want a stable complete solution? Discover our JuteBox.

Secure shipping of your food and goods

Leistungsstarke Inlays aus Jutefaser für eine nachhaltige Versandverpackung.
The insulating inlays made of jute fiber are powerful and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Our flexible insulated bags are modeled after synthetic materials and offer very good performance.

Even for high shipping requirements, you can ensure the safe transport of your goods.

You are in need of a suitable coolant? In addition to insulated packaging, we also offer GelPacks and solutions for the use of dry ice.

Get in touch

Whether you're new to refrigerated shipping in e-commerce or you've been a shipper since day one but want to optimize your process:  Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. Get in touch now:

Is the solution also available with an outer carton?
  • Yes, please feel free to ask us for a suitable outer carton.
Do you also offer matching coolants for the insulating packaging?
  • Yes, you can find an overview here
Is it possible to customise the insulating packaging?
  • Yes, we offer you the option to develop customized packaging solutions with us. You can find information about this here
Is it possible to test the bags?
  • Of course we offer you the possibility to get an impression of our solutions. Please feel free to ask for a product sample. 

How should the insulating packaging be disposed of?

  • The JuteBag can be easily disposed of in the organic waste garbage can, the residual waste or on the home compost. In addition, there are numerous reuse options at home and in the garden.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
  • We find a solution for every shipping project. No matter whether you send 20 or 2,000 parcels a month. 
How long does the JuteBag keep the goods cool?
  • Using suitable coolants, it maintains the desired temperature for up to 72h.
How much does the insulated bag weigh?
  • Please ask us for a detailed data sheet.
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