• Allows shipping in different temperature ranges in one package
  • Reliable separation of goods and cooling stages
  • Cost efficiency through packaging savings
  • Minimising transport costs
  • Ensures the quality of your products
  • Suitable dimensions for our JuteBoxes
  • Compostable, starch-based cover
  • Certified climate neutral
  • Easy disposal in organic waste, garden or residual waste
  • Numerous possible ways to reuse at home and in the garden

Different temperatures in one package

Sending chilled and frozen goods in one package is a challenge for many shippers of temperature-sensitive products. Interrupting the cold chain not only leads to a loss in quality of the goods, but also to dissatisfaction on the part of the end customer. If the goods are sent in different packages, this in turn results in additional packaging material and increasing shipping costs. 
Our new interlayer offers our customers the possibility to ship their products in different temperature ranges and in larger quantities. The material is the same as our conventional high-quality insulation and consists of biodegradable jute with a compostable, starch-based wrapping. It serves as an additional bottom and thus reliably separates goods and cooling stages from each other. With the interlayer, frozen food and goods can be shipped at the same time in a temperature range between 2-5°C and 15-20 °C.  
For high quality standards and satisfied customers!


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