kompackt cooperates with nahgenuss

Kooperation nachhaltiger Versand
Kompackt kooperiert mit der Online Plattform nahgenuss

By buying regional products, we can make an important contribution to climate protection. They have short distances behind them and studies show that the climate balance of regional goods is better than that of conventional products. Furthermore, the purchase benefits local producers, secures income and jobs. (Stiftung Warentest, 2011)

In the year 2020, there were 37.61 million people in the German-speaking population who preferred regional products from their homeland when shopping. (Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträger-Analyse - AWA 2020) A survey by the Forsa Institute also confirms this result and emphasises that freshness, quality and authenticity are associated with regional products. Consumers are also willing to pay higher prices for this. (NABU e. V.)

As a company in whose mission statement climate protection is deeply anchored, we always strive to promote such positive developments and to make our contribution to further sustainably influencing ecological awareness. This is also why we are constantly on the lookout for interesting cooperation partners who represent and advocate precisely these values. With nahgenuss, we have found just such a partner, whose concept and values are an ideal fit for kompackt.

Food shipping with nahgenuss

The online platform nahgenuss offers the possibility to order organic meat directly from regional, certified organic farmers. The idea: Several customers share a cow, pig, lamb, etc. 

By selling mixed packages, the whole animal is utilized and direct marketing is made easier for farmers. The ready-to-cook meat packages are picked up at the farm or delivered by refrigerated shipping to the doorstep. Smaller family farms will be strengthened by the model. In addition, the already high minimum animal welfare standards in the organic sector are usually exceeded and a gentle approach to nature characterizes the company's concept. 

This connection with the environment is what makes the partnership with kompackt61 really open. Sustainable insulated packaging and environmentally friendly shipping are a perfect fit for this concept.


Source: nahgenuss web service KG


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