Shipping BARF with sustainable packaging

Shipping BARF with sustainable packaging

BARF in nachhaltiger Verpackung versenden
Barf ist eine Methode zur Ernährung von Hunden, Katzen und anderen Vierbeinern.

Biologically species-appropriate food in environmentally friendly packaging - so you satisfy both four-legged and two-legged friends.

Shipping BARF - with the right packaging!

BARF - biologically species-appropriate raw feeding - has long been a widespread trend in dog nutrition, and cat owners are now also resorting to it.

Pet owners are able to compose the food for their four-legged friends according to their individual wishes and have it delivered to their doorstep. Manufacturers offer an extensive and high-quality range. This care should also be maintained when selecting the right shipping packaging. Sending organic, species-appropriate food in environmentally friendly packaging guarantees an all-round successful buying experience. After all, high-quality pet food also deserves correspondingly high-quality packaging.

Optimal refrigerated shipping is also sustainable

To ensure that the BARF arrives at the end customer chilled or even frozen, the chosen insulated packaging must meet a number of requirements.

Conventional insulated packaging, such as thermal boxes made of Styrofoam, is difficult or impossible to recycle. As a result, customers are left with high amounts of packaging waste and are reluctant to place regular online orders.

Our jute packaging solutions not only allow foroptimal cooling during shipping, but are also biodegradable and recyclable. This way, your shipped goods remain sustainably fresh and your customers can reorder with a clear conscience.

BARF versenden
Die BARF-Fütterung basiert auf rohen Zutaten wie Fleisch, Fisch & Innereien.

When shipping BARF, it is particularly important to ensure that the specified temperature limits are maintained over the shipping time to the end customer. Our high-performance insulating packaging made of jute with the matching coolant is the right choice here.


With its very good insulation, the JuteBox represents an uncompromising alternative to the Styrofoam box. As a complete solution, it combines two jute inlays with a stable, 2-wall outer carton. Paired with dry ice and optionally our dry ice bags, the optimal shipping solution for frozen BARF in the temperature range below -20°C is created. Even in summer temperatures and long shipping times, the BARF remains frozen and fresh. Our dry ice bags also offer easy handling for your customers and reduce the risk of burns with dry ice. They are also recyclable and environmentally friendly and can be easily disposed of in the paper garbage can.

Our JuteBag makes a great effective shipping solution for smaller order quantities. For refrigerated shipping at below 4°C, our GelPacks are also ideal for keeping BARF fresh and cool.

BARF nachhaltig versenden
Die rohen Zutaten werden oftmals durch Gemüse, Obst und Kräuter ergänzt.

High-quality BARF in high-quality packaging: a holistically coherent buying experience for dog & owner

Our insulated packs are high-performance and high-quality, making them the perfect complement to your premium BARF products. With this coherent combination, you meet the individual needs of both dog and owner.

Dog owners and cat owners can enjoy the environmentally friendly packaging, while your four-legged friends enjoy the contents. Your customers will appreciate the numerous reuse options for home and garden. For example, the jute inlays can be wonderfully repurposed as a base for dog beds or as an inner lining for dog blankets. They can easily be disposed of in the organic waste garbage can, the residual waste or on the compost heap at home.

Biologically species-appropriate food in sustainable packaging convinces every pet owner and his four-legged friend from the inside and from the outside. Give your customers an all-around successful unboxing experience that encourages repeat orders!



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