Kompackt61 is ClimatePartner!

As a start-up for Thermal packaging we are aware of our responsibility for the environment. That's why we want to ensure a better relationship with nature, and not just with our business model . In addition, we have had our products certified climate neutral , but what exactly does that mean?

We have recorded the CO2 emissions of our products together with ClimatePartner and created the Product Carbon Footprint We looked at raw materials, logistics, packaging and disposal according to the standard cradle-to-gate and end-of-life approach. Anyone who buys climate-neutral products is making a concrete contribution to climate protection.

Kompackt61 stands for insulating packaging that is environmentally friendly and conserves resources. 

CO2 compensation

We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions. How? By supporting climate protection project . That's why our products are climate-neutral. Climate protection projects sustainably save CO2 - for example with reforestation measures or by replacing climate-damaging technologies with ecological alternatives. We have decided to rotate the climate protection projects we support, i.e. we change them on average every six months. In our opinion, so many projects need our support. That is why we did not want to and could not commit to just one.

By labeling our products with the independent "climate neutral" label, it is made possible for our customers and thus also the end customers to understand the climate neutrality itself and in which climate protection project is currently invested. This enables us to guarantee the highest possible transparency.

climate protection project

We are currently supporting a project in India that is certified according to international standards:

Rice production with sustainable use of natural resources

Agriculture emits a large share of total greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, improving the skills of farmers and more efficient cultivation of agricultural land can help to reduce greenhouse gases , e.g. by training local farmers in the reduction of fertilizers or irrigation. A side effect is the increase in the quality of life of local farmers, which in turn is conducive to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

More information on our climate protection projects at www.climatepartner.com/15486-2102-1001,




Klimaneutral zertifiziert

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Kompackt61 is ClimatePartner!